Most businesses these days have begun offering electronic billing services, but what if you’re a small company that just hasn’t implemented this yet? If you’ve been putting off offering online billing services to your customers, then it may be time to reconsider. Not only can electronic billing save money on each statement not printed, but it may also speed up your accounts receivable by one to three days if you outsource.

But quicker, cheaper payments aren’t the only reasons why you should reduce statement printing and mailing services and go green with online billing. This is also a simple way to keep your customers happy. How do you know your customers need electronic billing services? Here are three can’t-miss signs that it’s time to make your bill pay process a little bit easier.

You and your employees are behind on your payment processing.

      If you haven’t been able to keep up with check processing as customers send in payments, then there are two possible solutions. One is to outsource those payments to another company, to free you and your employees up to handle more important day-to-day tasks. The other is to offer electronic billing to help your customers make payments themselves. This can also greatly reduce the amount of checks and paper that comes to your business each month.

You’re up to your ears in customer complaints.

      If you find that you and/or your employees have had a lot of questions and grievances to answer from your customers, then this is a clear sign that you need to make a switch. By choosing electronic billing, which can include easy instructions and a quick way to pay the bills, customers may be less likely to call you with questions or vent their frustrations to your employees.


Your customers have asked you about online billing.

      The most obvious sign that it’s time to switch to online billing is that your customers have asked for it! If you frequently have to tell customers, “Sorry, we don’t accept online payments,” then this is a clear time to switch. More and more household rely on electronic invoicing and billing to keep track of their finances, and if even 20% of all U.S. households made the change to online billing, they could save a collective 151 million pounds of paper annually. That’s environmentally friendly and convenient for them and cost effective for businesses like yours.

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