If you’re thinking of outsourcing your billing or print and mail services, you probably already know that doing so can save your company time and money. But when you think only about the bottom line, you might be missing the entire picture. Of course, using an outsourced print service is a great idea — but you can make a great idea even better by using printing and mailing services that are local to your area. By using local print services and mailing services, you’re not only making a smart financial decision, you’re also creating a relationship that can benefit your work in countless ways. Here are just three reasons why you should be working with a local printing company for your invoicing and mailing needs:

    1. Better communication
      When you work with a local business, you’re automatically ahead of the game. While we work with just about anyone, working with a local company provides both parties with a sense of pride. This can foster better communication and customer support because both businesses are serving the same community. That small addition of a personal touch can make all the difference when choosing a print service. And because you’re in the same area, you can get to know employees or owners on a level that allows for an optimal working relationship.
    2. Support the local economy
      Supporting another local business will look great to your customers and your employees. Rather than going for simply the least expensive option, working with a local print and mail company infuses capital right back into the community-at-large. Plus, you’ll know that both parties are equally invested in making the relationship a success. When you can partner with other local businesses and work towards a common goal, the entire community becomes stronger.
    3. Quicker turnaround time
      Let’s face it: it’s going to take longer for local customers to receive invoices or mailings from a company that isn’t located within the general proximity. Although outsourced billing assures that communications are delivered quickly and accurately, it certainly helps if you can speed up the process even more. In addition, your local printing company will probably give priority to your needs; working with a company anywhere else in the country might not always yield the same results.

The beauty of our company? We’ll always treat you like you’re local — even if you’re located across the world! Find out why our customers are so happy with their outsourced mailing services. Contact us today to find out more.