With more employees going green than ever before, businesses should be exploring all their possible options for making the office eco-friendly. But if the positive press that comes along with green efforts isn’t enough incentive, remember that green practices often go hand-in-hand with cost-cutting.

Whether your office wants to do a complete overhaul on how they handle waste production or your boss wants a few simple ideas to help the company save a little money, here are four easy ways to reduce waste — and cut costs — at the office:

    1. Start Recycling and Composting
      Believe it or not, having a successful company-wide recycling program will probably cost less overall than the amount the higher ups are currently paying for waste management. Since waste management costs are often determined by the sheer amount of garbage being picked up, reducing that trash in favor of recycling will automatically cut costs. Recycling plants are less expensive to run, so you won’t be charged as much for your service in the end. Plus, you’ll be ensuring that recyclable materials don’t end up in landfills. Find a way to encourage recycling amongst your coworkers with an incentive or positive reinforcement. You can even start a company compost bin for trash items, which can aid in creating a green space for all employees to enjoy.
    2. Buy Reusable Items
      You can invest in reusable binders, refillable pencils and pens, and paper clips in lieu of notepads, cheap pens, or staples. These items can be reused many times over before the end of their life. Reuse shipping supplies whenever possible, and ask employees to donate old dishware to use in the communal kitchen instead of paper plates. If your coworkers love the Keurig, invest in some refillable K-Cups. That way, you cut down on K-Cup waste and can let everyone use their own coffee.
    3. Switch to Electronic
      Most of us don’t really require hard copies for most documents these days, but there’s still a lot of waste being made when hundreds of paper copies are printed off all the time. Get the whole company on board with reducing paper waste and print only when necessary. To that end, talk about making the switch to electronic billing or outside print mail services. Not only are customers generally happier with electronic invoice presentment, but your organization could save an average of 11.5 cents per billing statement simply by avoiding the use of paper. Even if you aren’t ready to go paperless yet, outsourcing print mail services and billing is often much cheaper than handling these operations in-house.
    4. Cut Back on Energy Waste
      Your office’s electronic equipment can result in high bills for your company. Talk to your IT department and managers about using EnergyStar equipment, adjusting electronic settings, or installing power strips to eliminate unnecessary usage during non-business hours. Your boss may also want to explore the idea of implementing solar panels to cut down on cooling costs. Although some energy costs cannot be avoided, even reducing a little bit can make a drastic difference in monthly costs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how an electronic billing service can help your company reduce waste and save money, contact us today.