Outsourcing your organization’s billing services, especially utility billing services, may seem like a tricky situation. Perhaps you’re reluctant to hand over something so important to a third party. However, the practice may benefit your office in more ways than you think. Even better, unlike most outsourcing companies, Information Outsource is based right here in the United States, where we’ve been serving clients in the Southwest since 1998. When you contract with a billing service, you receive a variety of immediate benefits, many of which will make your daily life at the office that much easier. Still feeling skeptical? Here are four reasons you may want to reconsider outsourcing your billing services.

On Time, Every Time

No matter what bill you need paid or when it’s due, a utility billing service’s job is to make sure it gets sent out on time, no matter what. While processing bills may cost you extra time that you don’t have, resulting in late payments, outsourced billing is there to make sure your payments don’t take any extra time out of your schedule. As a result, bills, statements, and invoices are always right on time.

Save on Staffing

More often than not, an organization will have to hire staff specifically to focus on payroll and billing. However, if you outsource billing, you can save money and time on this process. Not only will you have to pay fewer people, the people already on your payroll won’t have to spend extra time dedicated to tasks they shouldn’t have to focus on.

Less Equipment

Countless companies who choose to outsource their print and mail services also outsource their billing services, which results in a decrease in unnecessary equipment around the office. Utility billing services can help offices eliminate expenditures on toner, ribbons, meter ink, and other equipment around your workspace.

Go Green

With less paper mailing being done, it’s no question that you’ll be saving a few trees. Not only is outsourcing a great way to reduce paper consumption, it’s a great way to save money on paper. Most businesses save an average of 11.5 cents per billing statement when they outsource. Not only can companies save time, money, and paper by utilizing billing services, they can create a more organized workplace. And if that’s not enough, consider the fact that a third party billing service is able to focus 100% of their attention on billing, statement processing, and print and mail services. That means you’ll achieve a much, much higher level of accuracy (what we call “air-traffic-controller accuracy”). So while you’re saving money and time, you can still take all the credit for your new and improved billing efficiency.

Plus, without all of the clutter and paper around the office, you may wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.