Companies choose to outsource their printing and mailing for many reasons. Namely, outsourced billing allows companies to save time and money by eliminating waste and reducing costs within the organization. It’s also a great way to ensure accuracy and security for your customers, as you’ll be guaranteed that all of your communications are delivered quickly and correctly. If you’re starting to explore the idea of outsourcing with print mail services, you might be curious about the types of notices you can distribute when your communications are not being taken care of in-house. Here are four types of mail that can be printed and sent out with our services:

  • Invoices and bills
    Of course, invoice printing and mailing is at the top of the list for us. We guarantee that the bills for your customers and clients are accurate and easy to understand, and we can deliver them much quicker than most in-house operations. This means that your overall cash flow will be increased on a faster timeline without doing any of the legwork yourself. We provide you with the technology to keep track of the bills sent out so that both you and your customer are on the same page.
  • Account statements
    Not only do customers need accuracy in their bills, but they also need correct accounts of how much they’ve already paid. Many customers need monthly or quarterly statements, and because there are a lot of moving pieces required to maintain accuracy, we’ll keep all of the information straight and display it for your clients to see with our statement printing services.
  • Correspondence
    When you need a message that’s a little more tailored for a specific situation, you’ll need to ensure your print mail services are up-to-date and factual. Whether you want to alert certain customers to an event or notify a client about an overdue fee or an overdraft, you’ll want to enlist help from a company that can reach out to customers with the right information.
  • Promotional material
    Print mail services to get the word out to your customers when it’s time to highlight an important service or promote a new feature. We’ll deliver high-quality, professional materials that will produce the desired result.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a smaller company or a large corporation; you shouldn’t have to handle your print and mail needs in-house. Contact us today to simplify the process and reduce your costs by outsourcing all of your printing and mailing needs.