With all of the emphasis on digital marketing and email blasts, many businesses are under the impression that print mail is good as dead. But nothing could be further from the truth! It’s important for organizations to implement green practices and convenient invoice presentment systems, as both customers and billers benefit. After all, there’s no doubt that electronic billing is much better for the environment than paper billing, and you can speed up your revenue stream just by making the switch to e-billing. But if you’re thinking of abandoning print mail altogether, you may want to reconsider.

Printing and mailing can still be an integral part of your business. Although you’ll benefit from not handling it in-house and using a print and mail service instead, it’s still a highly effective way of dispensing important communications to customers. The fact is, not every client wants to go digital. Plenty of customers will embrace electronic invoices and communications from their billers, but others yearn for something more traditional.

The reasoning behind this isn’t just nostalgia or resistance to change, either. While it may be easy for a customer to receive an electronic invoice via email, they may find it just as easy to forget about it in a clogged inbox. Technology presents us with many difficulties, however, one of which being distraction. Some customers are more likely to pay bills and follow up with their biller faster with e-billing, but others may never see or receive this information.

But with a physical copy of an invoice or an important letter, customers are often more likely to take notice. It’s a visceral experience, and marketing experts still rely on it to increase engagement. According to one study, more than half of shoppers surveyed made a purchase decision based on newspaper ads or direct mailers; email marketing convinced only 37% of customers of their choice. This illustrates how powerful printed paper is, even in the digital age.

Truly, the most effective option is to use both printing and mailing and electronic means. Your company shouldn’t have redundancies, as this can be extremely wasteful, but it can be advantageous to pick and choose when to use print mail and when to go electronic. Typically, many companies will send monthly electronic invoices but will send other materials via mail, like changes to accounts, new feature roll-out information, or special promotions. By using both print mail and electronic communications, your company will make a diversified impression that is more likely to satisfy a wider range of customer preferences.

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