Check Printing and Mailing Services in Phoenix AZ

Information Outsource provides reliable and secure check printing and mailing services. Headquartered in Phoenix, we offer printing, distribution and archival services for clients across the United States encompassing municipalities, B2B solutions, collections, insurance and education channels.

In addition to traditional business checks, we process rebate checks, reward checks and payroll checks. We have been serving clients for over 20 years and are owned by  Standard Printing Company, Inc., a Phoenix-based printer established in 1952.

Our dedicated team makes data security a top priority. You can trust Information Outsource to manage your business’s sensitive information as we use a multi-level security process using current techniques in data protection.

Increased Check Security

Check Printing and Mailing ServicesWe employ the latest in check printing security features in our check stock to protect your business against forgery, tampering or counterfeiting. These include fluorescing fibers, watermarks, and thermographic ink.

Fluorescent security fibers are embedded in the paper during manufacturing and are non-reproducible. They will fluoresce (shine red, green, or blue) under ultraviolet light.

Watermarks can be seen on the front and back of the check when held up to a light. They are pressed into the paper during manufacturing. Copiers and scanners cannot duplicate a watermark.

Thermographic ink uses heat to create raised letters or images. It not only enhances the professional look of the check but adds another level of security.

In addition to the check itself, we use security features on envelopes including security tint (printing a pattern on the envelope’s interior to make the contents unreadable) and clearance in the window areas.

Methods to Cut Waste and Save You Money

Our check printing process allows checks to be numbered dynamically along with variable customer information. This cuts down on waste versus having to pre-print check numbers on all stock separately and then throw away any spoilage.

We also have the ability to manage multiple brands within an organization, using the same check shell and incorporating a variable logo and account information that can be printed “on the fly.” This avoids have excess inventory since checks are printed on demand.

When it comes to mailing checks, our constant interaction with the United States Postal Service enables us to keep our mailing process current with all postal regulations and manage this process from start to finish on your behalf. We presort all mail to the lowest automatable presort rate, maximizing discounts and passing this savings along to you.


MICR, short for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, is a vital part of check printing and bank compliance. It allows the data in the scanline (MICR line) to be captured magnetically and/or optically. The scanline contains information such as the bank routing number, account number and check serial number. Banks rely on this information to process checks and the MICR line must be printed with magnetic ink, per the Federal Reserve.

We understand scanline compliance and font adherence. Our knowledge of bank testing procedures will ensure your checks follow all regulations.

Our Process

When we first work with a new client, our initial step is to obtain a global view of your business goals so we can put the processes, employees, equipment and relationships in place to best support those goals. We have a dedicated onsite development team that can build customized solutions that pick up where your software company leaves off.

Once the parameters are established, you’ll be assigned a Customer Service Representative who will assist every step of the way.

We aim to work in partnership with your organization, using our knowledge and experience to propel it forward. We are here to help answer your questions and determine the best path whether its for check printing and mailing services or another aspect of your business.

Please contact Information Outsource today to help you save time and money on all of your print and mail services.