Print and Mail Services

Print and Mail Services: Cost-Effective Customer Communication

While the Internet may have changed the way we communicate, print and mail services will always be the backbone of professional communication. From major companies to local school districts, utility and cable companies, your organization needs dependable print and mail services that effectively communicate with your customer base. Information Outsource uses state-of-the-art processes to provide you with exceptional print and mail services on a consistent basis.
Our constant interaction with the United States Postal Service enables us to keep our mailing process current with all postal regulations and manage this process from start to finish on your behalf. We presort all mail to the lowest automatable presort rate, maximizing discounts and passing this savings along to you.


  • CASS certification
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Expedited postal delivery through presorted mail
  • Reporting on non-zip + 4 addresses
  • Lower postage costs

What’s the difference between CASS and NCOA?

CASS stands for Coding Accuracy and Support System, which verifies that the address present in your data file is an actual, physical address that is recognized by the USPS. Standardization occurs at this stage, which adds the “+4” to your zip code and allows us to presort your mailing.
NCOA takes the verification process a step further and confirms if the recipient actually resides at the noted address, or if a Change of Address has been filed with the post office. If a new address is present, we update the mailing information and report this back to you.

Please contact Information Outsource today to help you save time and money on all of your print and mail services. From processing billing statements to invoice printing services; Information Outsource will get the job done on time and within estimated costs. Our team means BUSINESS! Allow us to customize and or create a print and mail program for you that makes sense and saves you time and money. You’ll find out why so many companies rely on Information Outsource for their printing and mailing services. Trust our team to get the job done right the first time!