An Easy Guide to Outsourcing Your Utility Bills

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As a business owner, it's common to busy with a million different things such as stock, how much money the company is bringing in, and employee health and productivity. It can be a hassle for owners to worry about things such as responding to their bills on time. Business owners should be able to

Are These Misconceptions Keeping You From Outsourcing Your Billing?

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Although outsourced billing typically leads to decreased collections time and increased cash flow overall, many businesses are still reluctant to outsource billing services. This reluctance can often be attributed to several misconceptions about the practice of outsourcing and what it can mean for your organization. Below, we'll discuss just a few of these misconceptions

How Print Mail Outsourcing Can Help Your Organization Communicate Better

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No matter what type of organization or business you run, it's likely that you rely on printed materials to some degree. It's also likely that you're always looking for ways to improve communications to coworkers, volunteers, and customers. You may think that you're making the best financial decision by handling your printed invoices and letters

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste (and Cut Costs) at the Office

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With more employees going green than ever before, businesses should be exploring all their possible options for making the office eco-friendly. But if the positive press that comes along with green efforts isn't enough incentive, remember that green practices often go hand-in-hand with cost-cutting. Whether your office wants to do a complete overhaul on how

3 Surprising Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s Mailing Services

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Although some companies still handle their own print and mail services in-house, more and more businesses are discovering the multitude of benefits that come with outsourcing their mailing services. Contracting with a separate company for your printing and mailing needs allows your company to save time and money. You're able to eliminate the need for

Why Document Printing Services Matter If You Own a Small Business

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Small business owners usually have enough to worry about without being burdened by routine tasks like printing. Whether it's creating in-store marketing materials or designing customer contracts and invoices, most small business owners won't want to worry about the time and costs associated with printing these documents. Additionally, when it comes to billing, business with

Electronic Billing: Why Make the Switch?

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Sick of having to deal with stacks of paper bills that keep flooding into your mailbox every month? It may be time to look into changing that paper billing statement into an electronic billing statement. There are many benefits to electronic billing, besides the obvious less desktop clutter. For example, an electronic billing system

What Do Medical Offices & Utility Companies Have in Common When It Comes to Billing?

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Businesses today have a lot to worry about with their accounts receivable, and no where is that more evident than in businesses that are considered essential by most Americans. After all, just about everyone in the United States deals with utility companies, cable and internet providers, doctors, hospitals, and urgent care centers. At some

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