Speed Up Your Company’s Billing Statement Processing!

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Is your company's billing statement processing moving too slowly? Are customers frequently late with their bills due to a lack of payment options? Is billing taking your employees away from more crucial day-to-day tasks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in need of solutions that can speed up

What Your Utility Company Could Get with Outsourced Billing Services

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Billing for utilities can be confusing for both service providers and for customers. Because utility bills are often packed with information, many customers misunderstand the bill's content. When fees and taxes aren't explained clearly, or when the charges aren't broken down in a way that can be understood, customers may lodge complaints -- and you

Benefits of Electronic Billing Payments

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Today, electronic billing services is now a common feature of online banking. This service allows you -- the depositor -- to send money from a checking or savings account to a creditor or vendor such as a public utility company or department store to be credited against your account. Ten years ago, this wasn't the

Does Your Medical Practice Outsource Medical Billing? If Not, Here are Three Reasons to Try It

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Medical billing and coding is a precise field that demands accuracy to ensure that patients receive and pay for the correct treatments. Transposing just one number could cause a medical practice to charge too much or too little, and it could result in unhappy patients or debt for your practice. Perhaps most concerning frequent mistakes

Three Reasons to Outsource Billing

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Billing can be a confusing and frustrating business. Whether it is printing and mailing or setting up and maintaining electronic billing services, you might prefer to just focus on your business and let someone else take care of your billing needs. With this three part guide, find out why you should outsource electronic billing.

Simplify Your Business with Electronic Billing

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Outsourcing billing to an electronic billing services provider could be a terrific way to simultaneously improve cash flow and speed up receivables by one to three days. In one study, 50% of customers chose to pay an electronic bill before the paper bill would have even arrived in their mailbox, while nearly a fifth

Invest in Electronic Billing to Give Customers a Better Experience

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Managing transactions efficiently and accurately is vital for businesses who want to thrive in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. Because of that, switching to electronic billing systems can prove to be a valuable process. Not only will effective ones help businesses operate more efficiently, but they can also help improve the customer experience. In fact, a quarter