Collection Agency Mailings – Compliance & Reliability

Mailing for Collection AgenciesInformation Outsource is able to aid in your collection efforts by offering a “plug and play” solution to client outreach. Understanding the regulations that the collections industry must abide by, we are able to offer an easily-customizable solution.

We are able to make adjustments to your documents quickly and thoroughly to make sure that you are always in compliance.
Information Outsource continues to exceed our clients expectations with a variety of services, including mailings, electronic document delivery and archival for the collections industry. In partnership with our solutions, all of our customers receive the utmost service no matter the volume of work they bring.
An added benefit to working with Information Outsource is our ability to offer a comprehensive archive solution that works in tandem with our collections outreach. We are able to provide exact replicas of the documents that were mailed or emailed, so that your audit trail is complete and your customer service representatives can access information to aid in their efforts.

Archive solutions include:

  • Hosted web-based archives with robust search capabilities
  • FTP delivery of archives along with index information
  • Archives burned to CD for sharing amongst various departments
  • Customized software packages that allow you to access databases in real time and recreate documents
  • Reprint capabilities without special paper or formatting


Our industry knowledge and expertise allows us to efficiently complete in minutes what may take your in-house operation significantly longer to complete. We are confident that we can help you save time and money in your customer outreach.

Our Print and Mail Services for Collection Agencies:

  • Deliver pointed messages and offers to select customers
  • Aid in compliance
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail
  • Reduce costs
  • Allow your employees to focus on high payoff activities

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