If you run a medical practice of any sort, you probably have plenty of responsibilities to worry about on a daily basis. Treating patients, scheduling appointments, performing routine exams, and handling emergencies are all part of the job description for medical personnel all over the world. One thing that many businesses fail to consider, however, is the attention required for billing, from printing and mailing statements to handling customer service for phone and online billing.

So why should your medical practice consider outsourcing medical billing? Outsourcing medical billing can lead to more efficient statement printing, faster statement processing by as much as one to three days, and implementation of online billing services and electronic invoicing to keep you and your patients happy. Online billing can help reduce spending by 11.5 cents for every statement not printed, and it cuts down on costs related to supplies and equipment needed for printing, as well. If you work in one of the following industries, see what outsourced billing can do for you:

  • Doctors’ Offices Physicians’ offices are especially busy, with constant patient appointments. As such, it’s crucial that these practices stay on top of their billing to ensure that patients receive the right treatments and pay for what they’ve received. This also helps to keep insurance companies satisfied, so patients don’t pay more than the costs of their co-pays.
  • Specialists’ Offices: It’s not just a general practitioner who needs a better billing system. Dentists, optometrists, and other specialists also need to bill their patients correctly. Because these fields involve specific procedures and treatments, it is important to have outsourced billing professionals that know the correct codes for specialist services.
  • Hospitals: It’s no secret that hospitals are some of the busiest establishments in the country, with emergency patients coming in all hours of the day. Due to the increasing demands on hospitals for healthcare, billing needs to be 100% accurate. This ensures fairness to the hospital, so they can continue providing their services, and to patients, so they know which fees they are responsible for.
  • Ambulance Services: Volunteer and municipal ambulance services are responsible for saving lives every day, and they deal with just about every emergency medical situation. However, they also need money to continue operating and performing their life-saving work. Having accurate billing solutions can make that possible.

In short, outsourcing billing gives you and your workers more of a chance to focus on the patients rather than worrying about paperwork. If you have more questions about outsourcing medical billing for your practice, be sure to ask a qualified representative if this service is right for you.