Paying the bills online used to seem like a scary process that might divulge all of your most private information to your utility and business providers, but fortunately that is no longer the case. Clinging to old, paper bill sending and paying rituals could not only be costing you extra money, it could also be wasting valuable time. Here are four reasons to make the switch from paper to electronic billing services.

Fast, Easy, and Safe

Although the internet always makes people wary of information being stolen, the reality is that the less paper evidence you have containing your information, the better. In addition, online services allow you to set up automatic schedules for billing, so all of your payments are made on time. If just 20% of American households switched to electronic billing, an annual average of 151 million pounds of paper would be saved.

Credit Card Payments

When you think of online bill payments, your thoughts probably immediately go to a checking account number. While using a bank account is still a viable option to pay your bills online, a more recently accepted method is to pay with a credit card. The option to use a credit card not only makes bill paying easier, but it makes it more accessible to a wide variety of people.

Green for the Environment and Your Wallet

Not only will online utility billing services save some of the Earth’s resources, they’ll save you money. Paper billing requires envelopes, stamps, and sometimes even additional fees if a bill is received late. However, nearly 50% of customers with electronic billing services make their payments before the paper bill even arrives. Without having to send checks and buy stamps, customers and businesses alike have saved significant amounts of money.


With paper bills, organization can fall apart quickly. Too many companies and sheets of paper can pile up quickly, and create multiple messes. With electronic bill payment, the paper mess is all but eliminated, and all of your information can be put into a spreadsheet. This allows for easy updating and access on your part, as well as significantly less stress.

One fourth of customers said that their relationship with their billing company improved after the switch to electronic bill payment, and billing companies save about 11.5 cents on average per billing statement. The rise of electronic billing has been beneficial for everyone involved, and it’s never too late to get started.