Electronic billing services may seem like a questionable method at best, but the reality is that individuals and businesses are using them more now than ever. If you’re running a business, you have a monumental task weighing you down, not to mention the need to take care of everything else that involves your company. So if you’re still on the fence, here are four ways that electronic invoicing and billing can benefit your business.

Instant and Secure Invoice Delivery

What used to take hours of effort and quadruple-checking to make sure everything was secure can now be done with the press of a button. With electronic billing, you don’t have to worry about invoices getting lost in the mail. Your delivery is instantaneous, and you’re immediately free to get to work on other pressing tasks to help your business succeed.

Less Time Spent Processing Paperwork

Switching to electronic billing can not only help you speed up your receivables by one to three days, it can also improve cash flow. Your time and money will no longer be wasted processing paperwork and waiting for checks and invoices to arrive. You’ll have more free time on your hands to get started on exciting projects that can actually contribute to the growth of your company.

Cost Reduction

On average, a company can save 11.5 cents per billing statement by making the switch to electronic billing. Not only does that eliminate the costs of stamps, envelopes, and other costs associated with mailing, it makes for a more environmentally friendly workplace. Everyone is focusing on doing their part to go green, and switching to electronic billing is a great first step.

More Organization

If you haven’t switched to electronic billing yet, there’s probably a whole room in your office space full of boxes filled to the brim with old paper statements. If you make the switch to electronic billing, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the clutter and hello to clean, open spaces.

One-fourth of customers reported feeling that their relationship with billing companies was better after they started using electronic billing. Why not make the change and start building better relationships with your customers?