When it comes to the holiday season, bills are probably the last thing you want to think about. Not only do all those gifts add up, but it’s also a time of year when we tend to take care of appointments and use a lot of household energy for our celebratory festivities. Although we may not always want to be immediately faced with those bills, having the ability to have instantaneous access to them can be a real asset during the holidays.

When you outsource your mail services or switch to electronic invoice assessment, both you and your customers will fare better. Not only will your business have an organized system for all of your billing needs, but you’ll also have a better, more profitable relationship with your customers. They, in turn, will be more satisfied with the services they receive and will be in a better position to financially plan ahead.

If you’re still not sold, here’s how an electronic billing system can help make the holidays happier for both your business and your clientele:

Better tracking of expenditures

When paper bills finally arrive in the mail, they can come as a shock, especially to customers who weren’t keeping track of their spending. That’s especially important during the holiday season because people tend to spend quite a bit. This can potentially result in delayed payments for the business. But if you opt to send invoices electronically, your customers will be able to keep track of their spending more consistently. You can also send bills immediately, which means customers can check their accounts online for outstanding balances in real time.

Saves money

The bottom line is that electronic billing services are more cost-effective for businesses. When your company is able to cut out the costs for outsourcing mail services or handling the process in-house, both you and your customers win. You’re able to pass on that savings to your customers, who aren’t charged for fees to cover the costs you accrue from print and mail operations. And you can use those funds elsewhere within your organization, like for a fun holiday party!

More secure

Identity theft and fraud are fairly common during the holiday season due to increased spending overall. When your customers are required to send checks through the mail or pay through other antiquated processes, they may not have access to proper security measures. An electronic billing system provides better financial protection for both you and your customers. That means that you can give the gift of peace of mind with an organized billing service.

Improved relationships

There’s no better way to improve your relationship with your customers than by allowing them to save time and money. In fact, one-fourth of customers felt their relationship with their biller was improved after making the switch to electronic billing. You can send out billing alerts to let customers know about their usage or how long they have to make a payment before it’s due. You can also open up a dialogue by providing more money-saving ideas or holiday safety tips. It’s about more than just improving your revenue stream or making invoices more accessible: with an e-billing system, your company becomes an integrated part of the family.

To find out more about how both your business and your customers can benefit from electronic billing this holiday season, please contact us today!