Everyone working in a doctor’s office has many, many clients and patients to deal with on a daily basis. And by the very nature of this field, many of those patients are anxious during their visit. That means the front room employees of a doctor’s office have to take care of incoming patients and handle those who call in and ask for appointments (not to mention interacting with doctors, nurses, and insurance companies throughout the day).

To ensure that patients are both happy and healthy, it’s important to make sure that your customer service is in tip-top shape. If you’re trying to improve the customer service of your medical practice, let’s look at a few things that can be done.

Update the Waiting Room

The waiting room may be where many patients spend a majority of their time while in the office, so it’s important to make sure that they feel comfortable. Doing things like hanging up peaceful wall art, playing happy and relaxing music, and providing comfortable chairs are just a few things that can be included in the waiting room. Offering patients and the people that are waiting for them coffee, tea, and water is a nice touch as well. If someone comes into the office with a really bad cold, giving them the chance to sit down and relax with a warm cup of tea may help them feel a little bit better.

Offer Paperless Billing

Another great way of providing excellent customer service in your doctor’s office is to offer patients paperless billing options. In any professional interaction, handing over your credit card is one of the most unpleasant parts of the transaction. So why not take this activity out of the front room altogether? Not only will using a digital billing service help you cut costs in the office, but it will also make your customers a bit happier.

When using an electronic billing system, you are eliminating the need for printing and mailing of bills. Not having to worry about printing and mailing so many bills will ensure that your patients get them on time and can pull them up using their phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Electronic billing can also help to cut back on customer frustration, questions about bills, and phone calls.

Hire Additional Doctors and Nurses

Finally, if your customer service efforts are going nowhere, remember that some problems can only be solved with additional staffing. For patients, nothing is more frustrating than calling into a doctor’s office when you’re really sick and finding out that the only available appointment they have is three months from the time of the call. Adding additional doctors and nurses to the practice can help reduce client frustration, as there will be more providers for one person to see in case their main doctor is out of the office. In turn, this will lead to a more relaxed front room and a better overall patient experience.

Customer service isn’t just important in retail. Having excellent customer service in medical practices is essential, too. By updating your waiting room and by eliminating the need for printing and mailing, you can help to ensure that your patients are as happy as they can be in a doctor’s waiting room.