Does your municipality or privately owned company handle local utilities? If so, you know how complicated it can be to balance the responsibilities of billing your customers. The cost of statement printing alone can be high, and when you factor in the maintenance of your online billing services and you may be facing a unwanted expense. However, there is another option that you can use to send and receive those statements and payments: you can outsource utility billing services to Information Outsource.

There are plenty of billing companies in the United States and throughout the world, but they may not benefit to your utilities company the way Information Outsource will. Here are a few reasons you should consider outsourcing your billing with Information Outsource today.

    • We save you time. Information Outsources’ utility billing services makes your billing process simple, accurate and easy. We will make sure your billing is streamlined and accurate.  By outsourcing utility billing services with us, you can ensure that your customers receive their bills and that your payments are a priority. Additionally, we will save you money, time and energy.
    • We save you money. In addition to having billing statements printed for you we can also utilize our efficient online billing system for your customers. Did you know that you may save up to 11.5 cents per statement for each one you don’t print? That’s true, as is the cost savings you’ll see when you’re not paying for printers, toner, ink, paper, and other materials. Electronic billing also allows both you and your customers to track their payments more effectively
    • We pass those savings onto your customer base. With the added convenience of online billing, your customers are sure to be impressed by your service. They can also potentially experience fewer delays for accepted payments and better billing services overall when your company isn’t dealing with its own staffing issues. Your customers will have an easier time with the customer service and you will also cut down on the number of frustrated customers calling your facility. This means happier, more satisfied clients.

Have more questions about outsourcing your utility billing services? Speak with one of our outsourcing billing experts and get started as soon as possible. You’ll save time, money, and stress by passing this responsibility onto our bill processing experts.

Does your company have experience passing billing and other services onto another company? Tell us about it in the comments!