At Information Outsource, we take great pride in attending to all of the little details. So much of medical billing services relies on attention to detail, and our team is always up to the task.

Busy doctor’s offices and medical facilities know how important it is to get bills to their customers on time, and the experts here at Information Outsource strive to bring the most efficient, quality services to those who need them. With our medical billing services expertise and cutting edge printing and processing technology, we can effectively complete in minutes what would normally take your in-house billing operation hours, or even days.

We understand that outsourcing these services can be a tremendous responsibility, which is why we take assisting you very seriously. Not only will we assign you a dedicated and experienced customer service representative to assist you, we will ensure the highest level of quality and security for your data. Any medical billing company will tell you that your data is secure, but that doesn’t change the fact that their processing systems may be sub-par and unable to change as your company grows.

At Information Outsource, your data goes through a processing system that is tailored to your business. This processing system can be adjusted at any time, so it can evolve as you do. Our unique process not only allows you to save money and time, it allows you to track your billing statements through every step. We want you to feel as secure about your billing services as we do.

Mistakes can be costly but When working with Information Outsource you’ll receive what we call air-traffic-controller accuracy. Count on us to help you today with all of your print and mail services, (as well as inserts) including outsource billing, electronic billing solutions, billing statement invoicing & security.

We have provided efficient, detail-oriented, and custom-tailored services to each and every customer we have served since 1952. Your security and service are of the utmost importance to us, and our team is constantly working to improve. Don’t hesitate to call us today and learn how Information Outsource can help you.