For most companies, printing can make up a large portion of annual expenses. While choosing to handle your print mail in-house is an admirable endeavor, the significant cost could be reduced by outsourcing your printing and mailing services.

Much like when you outsource billing, outsourcing your print services can reduce personnel costs and/or redirect your company’s resources to other areas that require more emphasis. But if you’re on the fence about outsourcing your print mail services, we hope these frequently asked questions (and answers) can help ease your concerns.

What are the company advantages of outsourcing my print services?

Outsourcing your printing makes financial sense in several ways. One is that you won’t be responsible for the costs of printing equipment purchase and repair or the purchase of paper and ink products. You’ll also be able to redirect the costs spent on staffing to other areas that matter within your organization. In addition, working with a print and mail service can help you to identify what’s working and what’s not with your current mail strategy. This ensures you print only what you need, making the process much more efficient. You’ll also be able to send out materials faster, resulting in more sales in a speedier time frame.

How will the experience of outsourced print and mail benefit my customers?

Your customers will receive mailings that look consistent across the board, which cuts down on confusion. And because another company is handling your printing, there’s actually more incentive to send out mailings correctly the first time, rather than fixing errors after the fact. After all, we want to make sure everything is correct 100% of the time!

Because we’ll ensure your mailings are sent out in a timely manner, your customers will receive mailings exactly when they should. Ultimately, recipients likely won’t know you aren’t handling mailings yourself, they’ll just know that the overall look and timeliness has improved.

Will outsourcing my printing result in a loss of control?

When you outsource your printing, you’ll have instant access to our expertise and technology. Although you won’t be handling these jobs in-house, we’ll work with you to ensure your messaging, branding, and distribution of your materials are exactly how you want them to be.

Unlike when you handle printing within your company, we’ll be contractually obligated to meet all of your expectations at every step. That type of satisfaction is difficult to obtain when you do your own printing! We work tirelessly to make sure that all of the materials printed and mailed meet your approval and will help your business.

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