Outsourcing your billing can have tremendous tangible and intangible benefits for your company. From print and mail services to electronic billing, there are many benefits to outsourcing bills.


    • Outsourcing your bills can help companies eliminate expenditures for various equipment. You won’t have to worry about toner, meter ink, ribbons, and all the maintenance that goes along with printing and mailing your bills yourselves. Outsourcing your bills will enable you to save money on certain aspects while being able to focus on others.


    • Along with saving on equipment costs, outsourcing your bills can redirect your employees’ resources and reduce personnel costs as well.


    • Improve your company’s return on investment and speed by outsourcing your billing. This will help speed up your company’s receivables by around one to three days, as well as greatly improve cash flow.


    • Outsourcing your billing is a great way to quickly, accurately, and securely deliver your statement processing, communications, invoices, notices, and anything else your company may need to transfer.


    • Traditional print and mail services are available for bill outsourcing, but electronic billing services provide many benefits as well. Electronic bill outsourcing is a great way to reduce the frustration your customers have when dealing with billing. Also, complaints, questions, and received phone calls will decrease after the switch to electronic outsource billing.


    • Customers will be generally more satisfied with electronically outsourced bills. About 25% of all customers admit that their relationship with the company was much better after the switch was made to electronic billing outsourcing.


    • With electronic billing outsourcing, your company will be much better organized as well. You’ll have an organized and convenient archive system where you will be able to digitally store all your files and bills.


    • By not using traditional print and mail outsource services, your company will be able to save money on paper costs as well. It’s estimated that if 20% of U.S. households switched to electronic billing, there 151 million pounds of paper would be saved.


Not having to worry about the billing process and equipment can have tremendous effects on your company. Enjoy the convenience of outsourcing all your billing.