Three Reasons to Outsource Billing

Billing can be a confusing and frustrating business. Whether it is printing and mailing or setting up and maintaining electronic billing services, you might prefer to just focus on your business and let someone else take care of your billing needs. With this three part guide, find out why you should outsource electronic billing.

It is Eco friendly.

Choosing electronic billing services is simply better for the environment than traditional paper billing. Over 150 million pounds of paper per year would be saved if 20% of American households opted for electronic rather than paper billing. Aside from saving paper, paperless billing also reduces the need for other resources which can damage the environment, like delivery vehicles which contribute to carbon dioxide emissions.

It will improve your customer service.

Sending your customer an electronic invoice allows your customers to view, print, archive, and even pay their bills online. About 25% of customers agree that after choosing electronic billing their relationship with their billing organization was better. Rather than waiting on paper mail to arrive, electronic billing services allows your customers to access their statements more conveniently.

It is cost effective.

Switching to paperless billing can save an organization over 11 cents per billing statement. Electronic billing services can also minimize customer confusion and frustration, and therefore fewer phone calls and questions, which will maximize your resources. Additionally, electronic billing services can help increase your cash flow by speeding up your receivables by one to three days.

Billing does not have to be a hassle. You can save money, improve customer satisfaction, and help the environment while making sure your statements, notices, and invoices are accurate, and quickly and securely delivered.