Time for an Upgrade?

Looking to add an online billing component to your customer outreach?  Need an integrated archival method to work with a payment processor or bank?  Want to segment your client base for targeted outreach?  Let us introduce you to our full suite of solutions to meet your current and projected business needs.  As your customers’ needs evolve, we have a solution every step of the way.

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Your customers will enjoy the convenience of receiving bills directly via email while your customer service staff will be able to access exact replicas of mailed and emailed documents on our hosted administrative website.  We manage everything on your behalf, including building and hosting your sites, managing customer enrollment and creating a seamless path for delivery and payment.


  • Elimination of postage & material costs
  • Online delivery of documents via email or a hosted website
  • Administrative online access to documents for customer service use

Integrated Data Archival

After processing, mailing and emailing your documents, we can create a customized archive solution for your documents, allowing integration with payment services, banks and merchant services.  We create a fully indexed document repository that allows for easy import and assumption into your system of choice.


  • Seamless movement between all billing functions, including customer access and payment
  • Access to documents exactly as they were mailed
  • Integration with payment solutions to cut down on staff time and eliminating the need for an in-house solution

Selective Messaging & Intelligent Insertion

Reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time is a constant desire when upgrading your billing functions.  By using our Selective Messaging function, you can make use of blank space on your documents to target customers that meet certain parameters.  For example, if a customer is past due, you may opt to employ a large “PAST DUE” phantom that prints behind the detail, or if a customer resides in a zip code that is targeted for a rate increase, only customers meeting specific criteria will receive the news on their documents.

Working in tandem with this is our Intelligent Insertion equipment, allowing you to target marketing pieces, community news and rate information to selected portions of your customer base.  Gone are the days of delivering the same content to every billed account.  Your envelope should be used as a vehicle to communicate pointed information to a targeted customer base.


  • Targeted messaging to hit specific customer groups
  • Messaging can take the place of a separate printed piece, saving money
  • Calls from customers are reduced when they only receive information that pertains to them