Information Outsource Handles Utility Billing Services

Does your municipality or privately owned company handle local utilities? If so, you understand how complex the process of billing your customers can be. The costs associated with the mailing of your statements, in addition to equipment maintenance contracts, can become extensive. Much of this expense can’t be recovered and is assumed as part of the process. Ink, toner, paper and other supplies are costs that continue to soar.

There is another option: utility billing services.  By outsourcing your billing services to Information Outsource, you obtain cost effective, efficient, accurate and timely results.Money returns to your bottom line with the decision to work with Information Outsource.

Recognizing that there are many billing companies throughout the United States, here are some of the reasons why Information Outsource is your best choice for a utility billing service:

Full Service with Efficiency – Information Outsource offers complete solutions to your print, mail and e-billing requirements.  All services are managed through completion across all platforms, while providing a seamless path from paper to electronic delivery.  Our  simple process was built to ensure your customers receive their bills on time. Our customer service teams are focused on making sure all customer requirements & preferences are met in full.  You gain back your time & energy to direct to your high payoff tasks within your organization by outsourcing with a trusted utility billing service.

Savings – Materials required for your mailings, be it custom forms or marketing inserts, are produced on-site which results in a nice savings for you.   Whether you choose print & mail services, electronic billing services or both, every cost is carefully considered to provide you with the best product to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Also, accessing a statement through our online billing system rather than mailing can produce a savings equal to the cost of your statement.

Professional Service & Attention – Information Outsource knows what makes a customer happy and how to maintain their confidence.  Our attention to detail, coupled with an ongoing awareness of new or enhanced products that may be of value to our customers, is part of our commitment to providing the best utility billing service in the country. In return, your customers will be satisfied, too.

Have more questions about how Information Outsource can help with your utility billing services? Then  contact us and speak with one of our Information Outsource Client Specialists to learn more on how to start your stress free path to saving time & money.