Small business owners usually have enough to worry about without being burdened by routine tasks like printing. Whether it’s creating in-store marketing materials or designing customer contracts and invoices, most small business owners won’t want to worry about the time and costs associated with printing these documents. Additionally, when it comes to billing, business with few employees may get bogged down with printing, mailing, and processing billing statements, which can lead to unhappy customers and slowed-down cash flow.

But just because it’s a routine task doesn’t mean that business owners and their employees have to crawl through it. In fact, it’s actually possible to have someone else take care these details, freeing up businesses to handle their core responsibilities and do what they do best.

Why use document printing services if you own a small business? Here’s why these vital services matter more than you might think:

Save money through outsourcing. When you use document printing services to handle the busy work, you don’t only save on time. You’re also saving money on the costs associated with printing. From buying paper and toner to budgeting for equipment maintenance and purchases, you’ll no longer have to worry about the high costs of printing out billing statements, invoices, marketing materials, and other documents. Outsourcing billing, especially, can also speed up your accounts receivable and cash flow by at least one to three days.

Go green with electronic invoicing. It’s the 21st century, and paper billing statements are quickly becoming a thing of the past. One other service you can receive when you outsource your printing is the option to offer online billing to customers. This is especially crucial for small businesses that may not have the capabilities to offer these services on their own. Electronic billing services let you offer these in-demand functions to your customers, so they don’t have to stress about sending in paper bills and can use less paper. This, on average, can save you about 11.5 cents per paper statement.

Focus on what matters most. Let’s face it: your business probably wasn’t built solely for printing and processing bills. Instead, you need to free up your schedule to do what you do best. Let yourself and your employees focus on core business responsibilities, without having to worry each day about whether your accounts are in order.

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