For many companies, the least pleasant part of doing business is sending out invoices. With the cost of postage and envelopes and clients claiming the bill was lost in the mail, it’s almost more hassle than it’s worth. Fortunately, with the increased use of technology, using electronic invoices is a simple alternative. Electronic billing services are straightforward and easy to use, and come with many advantages over traditional billing.

  • Electronic billing is convenient. Customers can receive their billing statements automatically. This allows them to be more informed about their spending habits and eliminates that annoying waiting period between the pay period ending and the arrival of the billing statement.
  • Electronic invoices are more informative. Because companies don’t have to worry about wasting paper, more information is available to the client. Customers are able to look up answers to all their questions, reducing the amount of time they have to spend on frustrating phone calls.
  • Electronic billing is fast. Because of the immediate nature of online billing, customers have quicker access to information. Companies can offer live chat for easier interaction with customers. In fact, 25% of customers surveyed felt that electronic billing improved their relationship with their creditors. The speed of electronic billing is especially significant for utility billing services. With faster payments, companies can turn utilities back on sooner for customers who had it turned off.
  • Electronic invoices are environmentally-friendly. If only 20% of American households made the switch to electronic billing, it would save 151 million pounds of paper annually. In addition to saving trees, going paperless also saves the water and energy required to care for and harvest the trees that would have gone to paper mills.

With so many advantages to electronic invoices, there is very little reason for a company to send paper bills. If you are looking to save money, save trees, and improve customer relations, consider going paper-free today.